Skinny Boo Detox Tea Review

Here is Tracey’s review on how she lost 6lbs with the 15 day supply of Skinny Boo Detox Tea:

“I was a little apprehensive trying Skinny Boo Tea, I have been dieting for a while now and although I have lost 5 stone for the past year my weight has stabilised. The tea is great, it tastes just like a mild flavoured herbal tea.
The packaging is great, eye catching and easy to reseal which kept the tea fresh.
Drinking the tea in the morning and before bed for 2 weeks with a slowcalorie diet helped me to loose 6lb which I am really pleased about.
I enjoyed the tea so much I would be happy to continue drinking Skinny Boo Detox Tea every day”


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Grip Strip Review

Here is Kaye’s review of this month’s Mystery Product, the Grip Strip:

“The packaging on this product is simple but effective. It arrived in a pouch of plastic so it can be displayed on a hook at the retailer. There is an easy open sticky strip at the bottom of the package. The Grip Strip itself is protected by good quality glossy cardboard, this folds around the front of the Grip Strip so the wording is visible from the front of the pouch. When you remove the outer pouch the card and the product slide out easily and there is more information as well as warnings on the inside of the cardboard. The Grip Strip itself is packaged in a separate pouch inside the cardboard and the outer pouch and is therefore very well protected.

There is a discrepancy on the information, between the inside and the outside of the packaging. On the back it states ‘when the Grip Strip gets dirty, just wipe with a damp towel to restore stickiness’

Yet on the inside the instructions state the following ‘over time the strip may become dirty and lose some grip, if this happens simply wash the Grip Strip with warm water and leave it to dry. Do not wipe.’ Leaving you feeling, so, which instruction is correct, the first one or the second one?


The Grip Strip itself is protected by the second inner package. Therefore the packaging has been thought about carefully and every precaution has been taken to keep the product as clean as possible, in order for it to reach the customer in the best possible condition.

When you peel off the cellophane that is protecting the Grip Strip I was surprised to find how stretchy it was, but it retained it’s shape once the protection was removed. As all my chargers for my mobile phone are connected to holders that are not big enough to accommodate my smartphone I immediately thought the best place for this gadget was to put it near a socket and then I could just stick my phone to the wall!!

What was surprising to me was the fact that the Grip Strip had the clingability of the Static Stickers that most of us have come across at some point. It stuck easily to the kitchen tiles and held a smartphone in its case a lot more firmly than I expected. When I removed it a few minutes later I was surprised to find that the Grip Strip came away easily and didn’t want to curl up like so many other products that use static do, this is quite different. I was impressed too that there was no sticky residue on the back of my phone case (which is why I tested it in the case first) and that the Grip Strip was strong enough to hold completely vertical the phone, and case which is a book type and therefore has a cover for the touchscreen too.


The Grip Strip coped with this so easily that I am going to find, I believe a few different uses for it, but one of the main ones will be to keep my phone off the tops in the kitchen whilst I am cooking so I can charge it and use it as an MP3 without taking up valuable space, or getting it covered in the different ingredients that fly around most kitchens these days.

Car Test: Saturday 19th July in the midst of a heatwave. It does state on the instructions that you should not leave the product in a hot and humid environment and that you should not attach it to any surface where an airbag could be deployed. When we went to get our take out Pizza’s I stuck the Grip Strip to the Dashboard where you would normally put a Sat Nav, just in front of the Windscreen and above the console for the radio. I attached my mobile phone and we set off to get our dinner.

Being the wife of a driving instructor trainer does have some advantages. My husband applied speed and taking corners too fast to test the effectiveness of the Grip Strip and my phone did not move from its position on the dashboard.

Back indoors I reapplied the Grip Strip to the kitchen tiles and stuck my phone to it, in a completely vertical position as I had done previously. I also tried to attach my house keys to it in that position. They wouldn’t stick. My phone was safe for around 10mins and then the inevitable happened it fell off the wall. I reapplied this time making sure I pressed the phone firmly to the Grip Strip and again walked away, exactly the same thing happened. Therefore because my phone is a part of my life and expensive I could not afford for it to break and I went back to the method I used before for my phone in the kitchen.

After my first impressions and how surprised I was at what the product did to start with, I was disappointed that it didn’t live up to the expectations I had of it. Having said that if you need something that will stop your phone rolling around in a car whilst you’re on the move this product would be very good. I wouldn’t use it for a Sat Nav though, not safe enough whilst in the holder you will probably end up throwing the device out of the window! If you have a horizontal surface though it works really well for keeping things such as iPods and phones in place in a fast moving car.


The amount you would pay for this product at first seems like very good value at £6.99 and it is packaged in a way you would expect for that price. On reflection though, if it does not do what it claims to, then this is a very expensive product, it really depends on the use you have in mind for it.

In Short, in my opinion:

Packaging: Very good

Functionality: Not as good as the price would suggest, and fails after one or two uses.

Ease of Use: Very easy to use, although they need to amend the instructions about how to keep in the best condition, as inside and outside contradict each other.

Value for Money: That depends on the use. To stop things rolling around in the car whilst flat, very good, for use of anything else, expensive, as it isn’t as good as first impressions make out.

Recommendations to a friend: Again that depends on use, personally it’s expensive for what it is and it doesn’t do everything it claims to. So, no, I probably wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.

The product is a good idea and an interesting concept, it delivers as far as the lack of sticky residue on either surface (what it’s stuck to, and what is stuck to it) but within a few hours it falls short of the expectations it delivers when first opening the package. It also delivers when in a moving vehicle for holding expensive items in place, although I do wonder if you have it on the dashboard for any length of time in the heat we’ve been experiencing recently if it would fail faster, and also if you wish to remove the Grip Strip from directly under the windscreen how would you store it out of the heat, without it sticking to things you don’t want it to? The other problem with it is, you can not apply it to any surface where an airbag is likely to be deployed and on a lot of modern cars, that leaves very little surface where it would be safe to apply. Most of those also due to the design of most cars would also not be completely flat and therefore again limits the use of the product. Also when you wash the product to restore it’s stickiness how do you leave it to dry, bearing in mind that the product by definition is designed to stick to everything, therefore as fast as you are trying to clean it, it is picking up more dirt as it will stick to the draining board and also not dry properly for that reason!! No, I don’t know either.


Overall for myself it would not be something I would pay nearly £7.00 for, if it fails within one or two uses. It promised much but within the first day I was disappointed, my phone is too expensive to be trusted and charged whilst on the Grip Strip. It is likely to end up on the floor with a cracked screen, and for that reason alone I would not purchase the product and I would not willingly recommend it to friends”

Skinny Boo Detox Tea Review

Here is Maria’s fab review of her 15 day supply of Skinny Boo Tea:

“First of all, I would like to thank Product Testing for the opportunity to test and review the Skinny Boo Detox Tea. It’s a current goal of mine to lose weight so I was over the moon when I got picked to test out this product.

10515285_10152654110637975_1091890992128712730_o (1)


When Skinny Boo arrived in the post, the Skinny Boo Detox Tea bags were enclosed in a silver packet. The great thing about the package was that it had a re-sealable top, which ensured that the teabags were kept fresh inside the packet. On reading the information on the front of the packet, it says “100% Natural”. This assured me that all the ingredients were genuinely good for me without any hidden ingredients, so my hopes were set high for this product.



On tasting the Skinny Boo tea for the first time, I came to find it to be a bland taste but could sense the subtle hint of the lemon myrtle and a slight ginger taste. I find lemon very refreshing so it was a pleasant taste for me. However, after a few days the bland taste did get boring, so I added half a teaspoon of honey to the tea (this was suggested on the back of the Skinny Boo packet) to sweeten the taste. This did work, so I altered having one with the added honey and one without through the process of my testing. The packet consisted of 30 tea bags.



The instructions on the packet were to have 2 cups of Skinny Boo tea a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, so the packet lasted me 15 days. The teabags are pyramid-shaped, made from bio-degradable material, in which you can see the loose leaf tea blended with the other ingredients. One thing I hate with normal teabags is that they are so fragile that they can rip very easily, however this problem has not occurred with Skinny Boo which must show the quality of the teabags.



It was only after about a week of drinking the tea that I felt a slight difference. I felt much more awake and energized all day. I didn’t really notice a difference in my weight, however I felt detoxed on the inside, like my insides felt very healthy, which made me feel slimmer in myself. It states on the packet that this tea must be drunk as part of a healthy diet. During the process of testing this product, I cut back on my portion sizes, I cut out fizzy drinks and sugary snacks and apart from the 2 cups of Skinny Boo tea a day, I would drink water, and I also ate a lot of fruit each day instead of my usual chocolate biscuits. I also made sure I did some light exercise a day.



Overall, I am so glad I got the chance to try this Skinny Boo tea. Even though I was expecting to lose a lot of weight, I was still pleasantly surprised that the tea made me feel a lot more energized, and gave me the cleanest, detoxed feeling inside. I would recommend Skinny Boo Tea, but only if someone is truly dedicated to maintaining a healthy diet while drinking the tea”

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Tesco Mystery Shopper Review

Here is Connor’s review of his Tesco mystery shopping experience:

“First,  I would like to thank Product Testing UK for allowing me to be a mystery shopper for Tesco. The Tesco I visited is the Port Solent one just outside of Portsmouth, I visited on the 20 July 2014.



Upon entering the store I could see it was fairly busy with it being a Sunday, first off is the magazines, flowers CD’s and electricals, all these aisles were clean and well presented. Then was the food aisles. Our first stop was the vegetarian section, there was a good range to choose from and all the prices were labeled clearly. We went to the chilled aisle and the pasties and sausage rolls were pretty messy with a few gaps.



The store was clean and very well laid out with the banners at the top to show you what was in each aisle. The frozen section must of had a couple of freezers broken where the chips are because there were plastic tubs in them and about half were empty.


Other than that the frozen section was clean and well stocked. I asked a member of staff where the Agave Nectar is and they were happy to help and directed me to where it was. The special offers were well shown at the end of the aisles. One of my gripes was the dessert section, which only had a few items in so it was not very well stocked. When we got to the tills after an hour and a half of shopping, there was no queue so we didn’t have to wait. The man on the till said hello but did not ask if we needed help packing, he didn’t say much when he was scanning our shopping through. He then asked for our club card and put that through, after payment he said we had a voucher saying how much we could save on our next shop through the price promise. This Tesco also has a Krispy Kreme shop, a Costa coffee and an opticians.

Overall the store was good but with a lack of stock on a few shelves it could be better. I would shop here again but hope the shelves will be a bit more stocked. I hope you are happy with my review and thank you for allowing me to do this”10505104_10152593645972792_6362266731842748492_o10382053_10152593647832792_6435533551331896857_o

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Sainsbury’s Mystery Shopper Review

Here is Lynn’s fab review of her Sainsbury’s mystery shopping experience:

“First of all, a big thank you to Product Testing for choosing me to participate as a Mystery Shopper at Sainsbury’s.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was very excited to get the shopping vouchers could not wait to go shopping. We set off to Sainsbury’s, which is about 3 miles from our home.


Sainsbury’s in right in the centre of our town in Southport. Arriving to the car park, it was well signed so you knew where you were going To enter the car park you took a ticket. Parking was free if you spent over £5. The car park was not very big, but had lots of places to park the day we went, it was signed very clear for the drivers to find the mother & child and disabled car spaces. We found a space right away. The car park was very clean and tidy, had plenty of bins to use round the car park. The trolley bay had plenty of trolleys you had to have a pound coin or a token to get a trolley. The car park was at the back of the store and it was not a long walk to the store. The outside of the store was very clean and tidy again no litter.

After going through the entrance we went straight to the fresh vegetables and salads. They had a very good selection of vegetables, all set out well with bold and clear signs so you could see what your were getting. One of the first thing I did notice was how wide the aisles were so much better to get around. I got the salad I needed and there were plenty of small plastic bags to put your open salads items in. After getting the salad I wanted. We got to the bakery section, it was small but had some very nice looking cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and danish pastries.



We got to the next aisle and this had all the tined foods. All the shelves were well stocked and very tidy. You could also see what offers were on, buy one get one free on a lot of the tinned items. Next we got the pizzas, all ready to take had lots of different pizzas and good offers again. The special offers very good value, buy any 2 for £4 some for any 2 for £3 depending on what you wanted. Again there was another sign telling you these were suitable for freezing, I have never seen that in other stores, it always told you on the back of the item in very small sticker, I thought this was a good idea also.

We then moved onto the household cleaning, which had so many good offers. I use Persil and when I saw the offer for Persil was most pleased with the price only £7 small & Mighty 2.1L 60 washers. After being in the store for a while they did have a lot of announcements. It was also nice to be able to hear what was being said very clear, in other stores I have never been able to hear them very well. This was a good bonus because then you can hear the offers in the store in case you have missed them.

The store felt very relaxed while doing my shopping.  I saw a girl stacking some shelves so I went to her to ask were are the tined black olives. She got up and said please come with me I will take you to them. I could not see her name as she had a Sainsbury’s jacket on, she was very helpful I felt it was no bother to ask her for help. She then asked me anything else I can do for you, if you do please come and find me I and I will happy to assist you.



We went to the freezer section to get some frozen fish & vegetables, all the freezers were all stocked well and again with clear information easy to understand. Also I liked there were some recipe cards to give ideas on how to cook some fish and other meats.

This was a very good shopping experience I don’t use Sainsbury’s very often. What I have seen today I think will be going back again. When we came to the check out section they had a self-checkout section. We went to a cashier with an assistant. The queue was not long, there was one lady in front of us. We only waited for about 4 minutes. The lady assistant that served us was called Sheila. Sheila said good morning and she asked if we had any bags we bought some they were only 10p each. Sheila did not ask if we needed help with packing. She was not very chatty, I did try to make light conversation with her but still felt she did not want to chat. When all the shopping was packed away Sheila first asked if we had a Nectar card and did then ask us if we had a car park ticket. Sheila was very polite even though she did not talk much to us. The shopping vouchers were given to Sheila then she said very nice having some vouchers are they a gift?  I said yes.  What I also liked because the spend was not right up to the £100 we spent £95.94, and we were given the change in cash. I have never seen that before when using vouchers. Sheila then said goodbye have a good day.



As we started to leave we found it difficult to get out. There was not much room after the checkouts and lots of customers were waiting for a taxi to pick them up, The store had put some chairs for people to sit and wait. It was a tight squeeze.  Going back to our car, I went to look at the information board. It was very clear to understand it had the times the store was open and had some of the customer facilities the store has inside. The car park has 125 car park spaces, 10 disabled, 7 parent & child parking spaces, also had one ATM machine.

The opening times for this store

Monday 0700-2200
Tuesday 0700-2200
Wednesday 0700-2200
Thursday 0700-2200
Friday 0700- 2200
Saturday 0700-2200
Sunday 1000- 1700

They also had wheelchair service, baby changing rooms and a free phone for taxis.

This has been a good shopping trip. Overall, I was very impressed with the store and the staff were very efficient. I was given a ticket for Brand Match and my branded shop today was £4.05.  Leaving the car park was easy and showed again very clear it was a one way street and you must turn left at the exit of the car park. I really could not fault the store, it had plenty of staff working. I came out feeling relaxed and felt I was treated well”



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Benefit They’re Real! Beyond Mascara

Here is Keri’s review on the Benefit They’re Real! Beyond Mascara:

“I was sent Benefit They’re Real! Beyond Mascara to review. I was very impressed with the packaging, it looked expensive and made me think it was a high end item.
I opened the box and the mascara bottle was lovely looking, I liked the shape and feel of it. The application was very easy, with the brush being a shape I had never seen before. I put on a light application of the mascara & my eyes looked instantly amazing. When I put on a thick application I got a few clumpy bits but this was so slight it hasn’t put me off the mascara.The only thing I didn’t like was my eyelashes felt sticky every time I blinked until the mascara had fully dried. After that I had no problems with it whatsoever.


I was really pleased with the look of my lashes when using this mascara and had a few compliments with people asking me what mascara I was wearing.
I found removal very simple using my standard eye makeup remover wipes & was very pleased I didn’t need to get anything special. I don’t usually wear mascara everyday but since receiving this I have been.


I think it is good value for money as it’s a fantastic mascara. Compared to my usual mascara this is waaaay better all round. When this one runs out I will make sure I have a new one ready to go. My mother in law has shown great interest in it too.
I would recommend this mascara to everyone who wears mascara but hasn’t tried this one. It makes you’re lashes look amazing, is easy to apply, easy to remove and attracts other peoples attention. If I had to give this mascara a mark out of ten it would be 9.5 Thank you very much Product Testing xx”



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Nando’s Mystery Diner Review

Here is Leanne’s fab review of her Nando’s mystery shopping experience:

“Hi, I attended Nando’s at the Silverlink today for lunch….myself my partner and son. The kids meals were great value for money and my son loved it. We ordered the meal platter of a full chicken with sides of chips and coleslaw and unlimited soft drinks. While the food was delicious I didn’t think the portions sizes were reflected in the price. I was disappointed there wasn’t a separate lunch menu offering a more value for money meal. The staff were very polite and explained the menu to us in great detail. I would have preferred a more professional uniform as staff wore jeans and trainers, the prices reflect a more up market dining but the uniform however doesn’t. The restaurant was clean and well kept toilets were clean and there was also a wide range of sauces to choose from. I would have also expected to have been brought my cutlery to the table. It felt relaxed but it was expensive for what u got”

Leanne Chapman


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Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Push-Up Liner Review

Here is Stacey’s great review of the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Push-Up Liner:

“I was over the moon when I got chosen to product test the Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Push-Up Liner.The packaging is very eye catching with the bright orange packaging and big bold writing which would be great in retail shops. The pen quality was very good, easy to hold but took me a little while to realise you had to screw the lid off instead of pulling it off. It took me a few goes at twisting the end to get any product out but this probably would be expected anyway as it being a brand new product and was easy to get product out there after.

The application was a little hard to apply at first but once I kept using it I got the hang of it. The look once applied I loved it as it was bold and also tells you in the instructions an easy way to apply which helped. Throughout the day I found it was smudging and leaving a line imprint above my eye, I do get this a lot as I have oily skin. I use a Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner and found this lasts longer at half the price.





Removal of the product was fairly easy to remove. The retail price of this product is £18.50 and is good value for money but does not suit anyone with oily skin. I have tried many different eyeliners and the Benefit Push-Up Liner has not won me over and I will be sticking to my Maybeline Precise Eyeliner as it is easy to apply with its pointy tip and does not smudge as much as the Benefit Push-Up Liner and is also half the price. Personally I wouldn’t buy it myself as it’s not for me but I would certainly recommend to a friend if they have more normal to dry skin only. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to test this product”




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Xbox One Review

Here is Dave’s fantastic, amazing, super review of the Xbox One:

“Firstly I would like to say….I’ll get to that in a minute

First let me paint a picture for you all, So its Monday morning 8:50am and my dreary day is about to begin, I sit at my desk switch on my computer and bam its 9 o’clock and the working day has begun, but today was not like any other day today was the day the good people at PRODUCT TESTING UK would announce the person selected to test and review the XBOX ONE TITAN FALL BUNDLE. So with the nervous giddy anticipation only known to a child on Christmas eve a message pops up, is this the one have I finally been the selected, the chosen one if you like and bam the words I have longed to read CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED and so with this I feel elation and joy and would like to now say THANK YOU PRODUCT TESTING UK for selecting ME to test the XBOX ONE TITAN FALL BUNDLE and so let’s begin the review.


The first point I would like to touch on “packaging”. So after waiting what would end up feeling like an eternity the door knocks and there is hopefully a soon to be washed DPD van parked outside, to which a nice fellow jumps out and hands me my “package” but this was no ordinary package instead a slightly heavy but inconspicuous brown box the sort that would leave your neighbours guessing would it could be. Great I have the parcel and am now ready to get to the sweet surprise inside, now considering the Xbox One is retailed at £379 in the titan fall configuration I was slightly disappointed to see the box inside was not packaged all the way round meaning the box could move around inside leaving it open to damage but after a quick inspection all was well. So the box inside a pretty array of colours and combat machines as this was very much the titan fall package and you could tell from the moment you looked this was going to be good but in the name of all things thorough I didn’t just tip everything out and set it up, instead took some time to take in the graphics and admire the pictures almost so good you would never want to throw this box away, once I opened this part up you have the good old school green box with the Microsoft Xbox branding reassuring you that you are in safe hands. As for my earlier concerns about damage this was put to rest once I opened up the final part of the pass the parcel style boxing and found some hardware which was all very neatly nestled in foam and strategically created sub boxes a 3d Tetris if will that secured everything and kept it safe. Addition everything in the box was also wrapped in foam keeping it extra safe so the packaging was very good and certainly gave the product a feeling of value like the company themselves wanted to look after their things and keep them nice for the customers.


So now I have bored you with the epic break down of the boxing let’s talk hardware design, Firstly the console its self with the half matt and half gloss design it looks sleek and elegant and hides its size well in its very shape. The power back is as always with Xbox Separate to the console but they have at least made it a bit smaller and strangely and I’m not really too sure why but they have glossed half of the power unit as well I get they want to keep the design consistent but somehow it seems like a wasted cost on their part to do this but I’m not complaining in any way as it is a nice touch but may be wasted on some people. To conclude this part of discussion, is it a good looking console well it’s no page 3 or Calvin Klein model (keeping this fair male and female alike) it’s the best standard release model so far and certainly promotes the all in one media centre its advertised as.


Now for the all-important and the deciding factor for any gamer to buy one console over the other the controller!! This to me is quite possibly the single most important part of the package and for the non-hard core gamers let me take a moment to explain. Is it was a sunny morning… ha-ha I kid but seriously since the dawn of time when the very first consoles where made a middle earth battle has raged on about which console is best and yet when you ask people why they prefer one over the other it is rarely to do with the user interface or the processer or any of that technical nonsense that even the hardest of hard core gamers wouldn’t understand but instead the controller, the thing that connects you to the game and lets you immerse yourself in an interactive paradise but wait what if the grip doesn’t suite or the buttons are on the wrong place. With all this I’m pleased to say the XBOX ONE controller is very nice the grip on the handles is smooth but plenty of friction keeping your hands where they should be and the flat battery pack on the back was a breath of fresh air and made the controller much more balanced than previous versions, my only gripe however is the thumb sticks although they flow ice on a hot plate they are rather small and I can’t help but think have Microsoft finally given in and catered for the underage Call of Duty warriors, this was until I tried using them the deep grove on the top and smooth movement mean you don’t need a massive thumb stick and the grip is impressive given the surface area. Now for the triggers these has obviously been very carefully designed for FPS (first person Shooters) and racing games alike using a very clever shape design meaning you can vary your range of movement depending what you’re playing by this I mean when playing something like TITAN FALL you don’t want delays from pulling the trigger to it responding but you can counter this by pulling the trigger at the top means less movement to complete an action whereas racing games you need a range of movement as like with the throttle in a car you have a varying level of response depending how much you press it so by using the bottom of the trigger you get the full range of movement for the action this is very good and the half-moon shape this range finding is very easy to achieve and even the great PlayStation players have commented of this trigger design meaning a massive plus for XBOX ONE in the war of the controllers.


Now as for the KINECT I don’t feel too much needs to be said on this as it has now become a necessity of the XBOX ONE but its sleek even though it’s a solid rectangle shape and the technology in the sensors and cameras is second to know it can read a QR code from over 6 feet and that Is no mean feat, but as I said it’s more a connection rather than a treat but that been said a definite upgrade from the last version.


So after holding and playing with the various hardware pieces it was time to set this plan into action and install the components to the box and get this show on the road. After I managed to relegate my poor XBOX 360 to the floor and get it out the way I grabbed the instructions and set about the set up so to speak. This was by far one of the easiest hardware setups ever the instructions couldn’t not have been clearer a little bigger in print for the bifocal community (not that many OAPS will be trying to set one up but keeping in line with been fair) but very easy to follow especially as each component connection is designed to only fit in one hole, if I’m honest I felt 2 years old again playing with blocks matching the shape to hole and pushing it through although been a bit more careful not to force the wrong thing into the wrong hole could have been a costly error and as I’m now 28 and not 2 I would have been liable for that error so I thrust my mind back into adult mode and hit the power button.


So with great anticipation and with a lustful look in my eye I sat and watch the XBOX ONE come to life only to be greeted with the setup straight away which I should have expected but almost wished away as it is something in lifetime with have to select language and time setting on every device we own even my micro wave know the date time and what the weather is like but I digress, so once I had enter the standard settings next came the all-important network setting the XBOX ONES line to the outside world and equally the outside worlds line into me, now I would to point out at this stage I had been waiting all day for this chance to game it up on the latest XBOX only to be greeted with the thing I feared the most when setting up the Dreaded UPDATE DOWNLOAD it was equal in my eyes to having the flu in the summer on the hottest day of the year and all I can do is sit and watch the world play outside while I was in bed crying with man flu but again I digress. After 40mins of pacing back and forward waiting for the doctor to come and tell me the update was a success and the XBOX ONE was alive and ready to rise again the update finished (this was only so long due to my internet not the XBOX). So without hesitation or regard for my own safety I grabbed the controller and went to have a look around but my control of the situation was short lived as it was time to set up a profile and I have to say it was a relevantly painless experience, I could have transferred my own profile but in the name of all things review based I set up a new one. This time was less intrusive than before and only requires basic details to confirm the profile criteria and so MrAverageGamer0 was born although you can now use your real name to make it easier for people to search for you but I opted for a gamer tag, now unlike previous versions you have to have either a back ground or an avatar I always have avatar so I opted for this as it’s a digital version of me without he toll life has taken with addition tires round the waist and slowly downward heading eye lines and wrinkles and yes men worry about these things too. So all in all the profile side was easy and painless but over looked one part of this and forgot to mention the XBOX LIVE side of things. XBOX ONE in Essence requires an internet connection to do anything but there are options if you want it purely for home based single player option you don’t have to pay for the GOLD level but I been an online multiplayer type will of course be utilising the XBOX ONE LIVE GOLD and I was very happy to see the XBOX ONE TITAN FALL package come with a 2 weeks trial code and a month’s free so this made the transition from silver to GOLD much easier.

Now I had the GOLD set up I opted to download the game TITAN FALL and I have to say even though I knew it was a 40GB download and on my internet it was going to take longer than global warming to do anything I remembered of course XBOX downloads can be done in the back ground meaning I could resume my normal day to day things while it was doing its thing but of course I had a look around the XBOX ONE first while I was waiting. So after having a look round the menus and playing with some of the display and sound settings nothing interesting or test based just killing time, I flicked over to the installed apps and to my surprise there was the same apps from before so been that I have a net flicks account it was an easy decision as to whether I would use any of the installed apps and I had to giggle a little inside knowing this was sent by amazon who own love film the direct competitor to Net Flicks they must die a little inside knowing they are sending out products with rival software on it but hey this was all things going on in my little wonderland of a mind while starring at the download bar like a Mayan calendar at the end of 2013 waiting for the download to finally end, So I went shopping instead. Once I returned and some 2-4 hours of waiting TITAN FALL had arrived in my home and I was excited not wet your-self excited but well you get the idea.


So After setting myself up with a beverage of not descript content and getting comfortable I reconnected the controller (A much quicker process these days) I hit the option to start TITANFALL and straight away the room I was in was filled with sounds and flashing lights which somehow even on my tiny 19 inch 720p TV filled the space around me with great gusto and attack on the senses in the most beautiful I mean the quality it managed to squeeze out of my limited hardware was amazing and as for the graphics I sat disappointed not in TITAN FALL but in my TV’s in ability to play it at its best but even that been said it looked amazing and sounded great to boot and this was just the loading screen. Once I got into the game I was greeted with the usual this game has auto save do you want to create a save now which of course I did and then it connected to the sever meaning I was ready to play, now been a multiplayer online sort of person I went into this option and was met by a list of playing options I went for your standard team based death match game reason been I’m testing the graphics, sounds and playability so a standard game mode would suffice for this purpose. Once I joined a lobby everything went quite on the sound side of this so at this stage not really much to say so instead I strained the beady little things doctors call eyes and took in the detail on the screen and even though as I said I was only using 720p you really wouldn’t be able to tell as the quality was incredible and the detail was deep and sharp while reaming game like bearing in mind this game is heavy based on giant robot suites that you jump around shooting the enemy in the detail in the graphics has to reflect this big metallic beast that you control and it really does, when looking at the various computer generated pictures you can feel the cold roughness of the metal and can almost smell the carbon monoxide from the jets on the back through very carefully thought up images that really stimulate the mind and immerse you in the picture and idea that you are there about to fight for all your worth and so the game begins. Now I have sounds erupt out of the speakers a female artificial intelligence something reminiscent of a good Sci-Fi movie but with the quality and clearness of a top rate cinema enough to give me excited chills, Straight away as the game begins the sounds draw you in the pneumatic pistons on the TITANs and the crack of the sky opening as they fall from the sky then the thunderous crack as they land oh my god this is epic. Everything in game is very crisp and has a real finished feel to it sound wise little bit less impressed with the gun sounds but hey this game is about the TITANS and you really get a sense of that when you’re playing. As for graphics in game this is truly TITAN FALLS party piece every little detail in game makes you feel like you have stepped in and got involved with this it gives a great impression of how the future could look as environmental and texture details is as complete and finished as the players and TITANS which is great to see as some games get lazy in the last furlong and neglect the finer details. To conclude this game is epic and at first I felt I wasn’t good enough for the game nor was my hardware but the game comforts and reassures you via its immense graphics and sounds and pick and play style although a bit of time spent you will notice a vast improvement in your ability.

VALUE FOR MONEY are you kidding me this is an all in one media centre with an epic game to boot this package is literally an office programme away from been a PC and that is massive for £379 at first release I was sceptical as to whether I would pay this money but now I would easily fork out the money (if I didn’t have kids and had a better paid job) straight away but even with this it’s worth saving up for and will not disappoint from casual to pro gamers and console users alike this is about the best bit of home entertainment tech you could have for what you get a very reasonable price.

I would recommend this to friends and gamers alike the TITAN FALL package is great for anyone who enjoys first person shooters and been a hard-core Call Of Duty player this was a refreshing break and playing it on the XBOX ONE Just solidifies the joy this thing will give you.  When you have had enough playing the game you simply voice command the XBOX ONE to Home and you can watch a film or play some music and do whatever all from one place. Meaning the package lives up to the name XBOX ONE, ONE place to do anything.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking the time to read my review and also to thank PRODUCT TESTING UK again for choosing me on this occasion and I look forward to doing any more reviews if the chance presents itself maybe the PS4?? Ahahahaha DAVE OUT”


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