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Synovate - A highly rewarding survey paying between £5 - £25
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Survey Central - Win £8,000 of Holiday Vouchers; also receive Special Offers & Discounts...
Marks and Spencer paid survey - £5 reward voucher for Completed Surveys
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Frequently Asked Questions & Help

» What is the site all about?

We will show you how to make money from paid surveys. Our FAQ and survey tips below show you exactly how paid surveys work.

Plus by becoming a free member of (just complete the sign-up form here) we will provide you with all the best-paying survey sites PLUS provide you with special one-off invites to exclusive surveys just for you.

» What are online paid surveys?

The market research industry is a multi-million pound business. Every day, marketing managers responsible for millions of pounds worth of product development and marketing budget need to know what YOU think of their product or service.

Online surveys are the perfect way for these companies to gather people's opinions. Companies wanting to sample your opinion will often use a market research company who operate an online survey panel.

These survey panels will reward you with cash or vouchers to complete their customer?s surveys.

» How do I earn money completing paid surveys? Read More...

Once registered with you need to join the online survey panels listed when you login. This usually involves completing a brief survey which provides some information about you so that you can be targeted with appropriate paid surveys in future.

Once you have enrolled with the survey panels, you will then receive invites into specific surveys.

Generally, each survey will pay a different reward, depending on how niche or long the survey is.

Most paid survey panels have a minimum payment threshold, so you may have to complete a number of surveys before you get paid.

» How many surveys can I get paid for? Read More...

The simple answer is an unlimited amount; we recommend you register with as many surveys as possible. This way you maximise the number of survey invites you receive.

The number of invites you receive will vary, depending on your demographic profile.

» How long will the surveys take to complete? Read More...

Surveys can vary regarding the time they take to complete some will take just a few minutes and other are as much as 1 hour. Please remember that the longer and more detailed the survey the more you will be rewarded.

» What will I get paid for doing surveys? Read More...

You will be rewarded for every survey you complete.

The value per survey 'complete' varies, depending on the length of the survey and how targeted the survey is. For example a survey for those aged over 60's, living in Scotland who taking a certain prescription drug will pay a very high premium compared to a fairly general survey open to most of the population.

Cash reward and Voucher reward Surveys vary from a 50p - £50.00 dependent on how targeted the survey is and how long i.e. if a survey panel is looking to target females in London between the ages of 24 - 44 years this will pay a much higher reward than a general population survey.

The best advice is to register for as many panels as possible to maximise your earnings potential.

» Are paid survey panels free to join?

Yes, all reputable survey panels are free to join and partake in surveys.

» Who can do paid surveys?

The market research panels are looking for opinions from people in all walks of life. Right now they are wanting to pay you for your opinion.

» I want to earn money with paid surveys - where do I start? Read More...

Three Step Process:

  1. By registering for free with our site we will provide you with an up to date list of all the survey panels that will pay for your opinion PLUS we will alert you as soon as we have short term surveys available just for you.
  2. Once you register with us, work through our list of survey panels and register to start receiving their invites.
  3. Finally, keep an eye out for special emails from us - these will alert you to new survey panels and special one-off surveys especially for you.

» Why do I need to enter a mobile to register? Read More...

We are planning in future to provide you with the option to opt into receiving SMS alerts for private survey invites.

» How do I get paid and how long will payment take? Read More...

Payments are made direct to you from the survey companies, so the method of payment and time will vary. Each individual survey company provides clear instructions as to how their rewards operate.

About Us was launched in early 2011. Since then the site has given users across the UK the opportunity to partake in paid surveys and earn rewards for their views and opinions. publishes the UK's best and most reputable survey panels, covering research subjects such as industry, retail, local government and lifestyle just to mention a few.

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  • We treat all data we hold on you confidentially and in accordance with our Privacy Policy
  • You can opt-out of at any time by contacting us or the unsubscribe links in our emails.

Five Quick Tips to Make Money
with Paid Surveys

  1. Sign up to as many panels as you can. The more panels you are a member of the more opportunities you will have to participate.
  2. Get a dedicated email address for your survey invites so you don't lose invites amongst spam messages.
  3. Be honest in your replies. If you try to be clever by guessing what the panel wants to hear in order to qualify then you will find it's easy to get tripped up when they ask validation questions at the end. These validation questions re-phrase previous questions and if your answers don't match then you will be rejected from that panel.
  4. Never pay to participate in survey panels. There are dozens of good legitimate survey panels online that are free to join and will pay you.
  5. Many panels save their best paying surveys for their most trusted and reliable panellists. Reply promptly to survey invites, answer them honestly and over time you will receive increasingly better value invites.

Register with today to access all the best paying online survey panels AND receive special one-off survey invites from us direct.